A 6×52′ financial thriller, starring Laura Sepul, Brigitte Fossey, Feodor Atkine, Vincent Kucholl, Lubna Azabal, Stéphane Metzger, Arnaud Binard, Lauriane Gilliéron, Mariama Sylla, François Florey

Created by Jean-Marc Frohle, Fulvio Bernasconi & Stéphane Mitchell, Directed by Fulvio Bernasconi

Headwriter: Stéphane Mitchell

Writers season I: Brigitte Leclef, Axel Dubus, Vincent Lavachery, Flavien Rochette, Stéphanie Girerd, Stéphane Mitchell

Writers season II: Sébastien Meier, Gania Latroch, Noémie Kocher, Axel Dubus, Stéphane Mitchell

Production: Point Prod SA (CH), Panache productions (BE), RTS (CH)

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Season III in development (2020)

A 6×52′ drama, starring Catherine Wilkening, Thierry Meury, Pierre-Isaïe Duc, Maurice Aufair

Created by Nicole Castioni,  Directed by Anne Deluz

Headwriter: Brigitte Leclef

Writers: Stéphane Mitchell, François-Christophe Marzal, Nicole Castioni, Flavien Rochette

Production: Point Prod SA (CH), RTS (CH) 2013

trailer port d’attache

A 20×26′ comedy, starring Isabelle Caillat, Elodie Frenck, Sagamore Stévenin, Séverine Bujard, Natacha Koutchoumov

Created by Stéphane Mitchell & Pauline Gygax, directed by Pierre-Antoine Hiroz

Headwriter: Stéphane Mitchell

Writers: Sarah Gabay, Christian François

Production: Rita Productions, RTS 2011 (CH)


  • BANFF World Media Festival 2011, Canada
  • Nominated for best actor, best actress, best producers, Festival TV Monte-Carlo, 2011

TVmovie starring Adèle Haenel, Irène Jacob, Yvette Théraulaz, Séverine Bujard

Directed by Raymond Vouillamoz, Screenplay by Stéphane Mitchell

Productions: Rita Productions (CH), RTS, Arte 2009


  • World Festival of Francophone Cinema 2011, world screenings
  • Erasmus Médaille d’excellence, EuroMedia Awards 2010, Vienne
  • Swissperform Prize for best Swiss TVfilm 2009
  • TV 5 Prize for best French language TVfilm 2009
  • Tudor Prize for best actress, Int’l Compétition, Cinéma Tous Ecrans 2009, Geneva (Geneva International Film Festival)
  • Nominated for prix Genève-Europe for Best TV Screenplay, section newcommer, Prix Europa 2009, Berlin
  • Nominated for best archival use in a fiction film, FOCAL 2010, Londres
  • Geneva International Film Festival (Cinéma Tous Ecrans), Int’l competition, 2009
  • Festival de fiction TV, La Rochelle, France, 2009
  • Festival et forum int’l des droits humains, Genève, 2010

A 26×26′ teen comedy

Starring Elodie Bollé, Kevin Lameta, Anne-Sophie Franck, Edouard Giard, Cindy Santos, Christian Sinninger, Carlos Léal, Vanessa Larré

Directed by Anne Deluz & Pierre-Antoine Hiroz

Principal writer: Stéphane Mitchell

Produced by Dune (F), Rita Productions (CH), France Television 2, RTS 2007

Feature film

Starring Céline Bolomey, Jean-Louis Johannidès, Frédéric Landenberg, François Nadin, Gabriel Bonnefoy, Dune Landenberg

A film by Vincent Pluss

Screenplay: Laurent Toplitsch, Stéphane Mitchell, Vincent Pluss


  • Prix du cinéma suisse for best fiction film 2003, Switzerland
  • Grand prize, Festival du film d’Annonay 2004, France
  • Grand prize, SENEF 2004, Seoul, Korea
  • Solothurn film festival 40th anniversary 2015, Switzerland
  • Festival del film Locarno 2009, Switzerland
  • 10th Kolkata Film Festival 2004, India
  • 7th Forum of New Cinema 2004, India
  • 2nd Swiss American Film Festival 2004, USA
  • Ramallah International Film Festival 2004, Palestine
  • Festival International du film de La Rochelle 2004, USA
  • Festival International du Film Francophone de Bratislava 2004, Slovaquia
  • Festival international d’Annonay 2004, France
  • Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg 2003, Germany
  • Internationales Fernseh- und Filmfest Köln 2003, Germany
  • Solothurner Filmtage 2003, Switzerland
  • Trieste Film Festival 2003, Italia
  • Festival del film Locarno 2002, Video competition, Switzerland